Future STEM Teachers In South Texas F(ST)2

Broader Impacts

The TAMUK Noyce Scholarship Program will
    1. Provide students from underrepresented groups with rigorous STEM experiences,
    2. Establish partnerships with community colleges in STEM-education,
    3. Disseminate findings and best practices of this project through research, and scholarly publications and presentations at professional conferences,
    4. Serve as a model for many other four-year universities and community colleges collaborations with teacher education programs,
    5. Recruit individuals with strong STEM backgrounds into teaching, and
    6. Build the infrastructure supporting new STEM teachers in high-need secondary schools.

The broader impacts of this proposal originated from its stated objectives: to recruit, prepare, and retain 24 new high-quality STEM teachers for high-need schools. This proposal broadens participation of underrepresented groups in STEM disciplines by preparing teachers who will strengthen the teaching and learning of STEM courses in schools that serve large numbers of minority students and students of low socioeconomic background. Therefore, a direct benefit to society will be to bridge the gap that persists within communities that serve students underrepresented in STEM disciplines. Findings from this program as well as research findings will be shared with the public through conference presentations and practitioner and academic journals.